Monday, February 25, 2008

Woods Rum

so you can't get woods old navy rum in canada anymore. it sucks. i emailed woods to inquire.

BUT you can get it in the Heathrow airport in the Duty free. it's in the Rum section.

good thing i have friends who go places.

so for the record: Woods rum, get it at Heathrow Duty free (Rum Section).

YAY for matt!

Monday, October 22, 2007

trailer trash

i saw mr.leahy and randy last week!!! how utterly cool is that??!?!?!???!?!
there are more pictures HERE!

and besides learning the "wrap-around" and becoming a beer troll there have been apple festivals, tea drinking, yarn field trips, fiber field trips, neutron stars and lots and lots of knitting. i FINALLY finished that grey Rowan sweater... too bad the neck didn't turn out like the picture... le sigh

Sunday, July 01, 2007

i don't get it....

hello all that read this thing.
could one of you please explain to me how the edmonton oilers make GOOD decisions when trading? cuz i'm just thinking they are at some crack party and i wasn't invited to.

in other news: i finished a pair of TOFU socks!!! pictures to come!

and i tried a new tea house here in van. well new to me. i got some yum yum white tea!!! and i think there is a new tea drinking place to open tomorrow!!! YEEEEHAW! and it's right down the street from me!!!!!

now it's time to see some fireworks. while sitting on a beach. happy canada day.

Friday, June 01, 2007


did you see? danny michel is having a colouring contest! i totally entered.
so did a bunch of other peoples here at UBC. in fact the Drinking club of astronomers and physics folks had an activity of colouring!

this was my entry.

danny loves us.
i didn't make that up.
he told us so.

so fun times ahead with going to ottawa tomorrow!
there will be more train adventures! and and and at some point i will end up in toronto where i will go on a lovely yarn crawl. following what the yarnharlot did.
but until then i will just have to survive the communal showers at the conference i'm heading to in kingston...

Thursday, May 10, 2007

it's been awhile...

yeah... so i guess i got a little caught up in that "school" thing. and then i was recovering from it being over (need to remember not to go into the MOST lab with chris otherwise i might not ever like gin again!)

so there's been stuff that's happened.
most notably there was a birthday. MY birthday.
i think that this basically sums it up:

something about if we leave newspapers on the table in 310 (where all the astro offices are) then people might move in! and use newspapers as a blanket!

there have also been mis-adventures walking home from a party at thomas's place. there was a big ole golf course that was walked past. i think i will leave it at that. oh! and goodness how could i forget! there was the MAGIC which was Coconut. it's called coconut because when you enter the grounds you are given a coconut to drink out of! ever so fun! the key is to hollow out the coconut so that you get more than your fill. that became even more important when the cops came and took away all the booze, except for the 2 kegs which were already open.

so now it's almost back to life as normal. you know, knitting and murder she wrote watching and beer clubbing and hitting my head on a solid surface as the programs that i am writing fail. CURSES! but it's no longer living and breathing cosmology.

i've also been starting to take pictures of stuff that i've knit. they should be posted at some point...
and hey! there will be adventures for me in ottawa and montreal this summer. can you say yay? i sure can!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

smitty... pouty face

so there has been some super fun things going on in the life of princess tuborg, i went to montreal (i'll post pictures soon-ish), i was once again back in thomson house, there was really good poutine, there were hugs from david, there was sleeping with marjorie, sangria with alex, meeting rhiannon's man-friend, knitting at cindy's, arts and crafts with audrey (well i watched), seeing johan, rene wearing funny hats, shopping with patricia (we finally did it! after wanting to for so long!), cupcake eating with megan, having mom-type drinks with jason (that's right mom! i've been drinking those ciders that you really like, but have you considered trying some apple vodka in some tonic water, that's pretty good too!) and i've found a new yarn store (one my supervisor told me about) that has SOLID coloured sock yarn! and to top everything off i'm drinking tea that has CHILI peppers in it! can you say CRAZY talk?

unfortunately this has all been overshadowed by the trade of ryan smyth. can you say BOOO? it pains me to see him in and islander's uniform. did you see him crying? so so so so sad! i wish him the best and hope that we get him back in the off season.

i will just reiterate: it's pretty crazy to have chili peppers in your tea. i see one there, it's crazy.

Monday, February 19, 2007

i did have a story!

so silly silly me. i got so excited in my last entry about my integration stuff getting figured out that i forgot to tell the story of something that happened on the deerhoof night. something that was rather odd.
so were walking down the street in downtown vancouver and there was a sign in front of a house that said "life for sale- everything must go. see this 101 year old house before it's destroyed. come inside" something like that.
rob thought it was a good idea to go inside. i thought it seemed like the beginning of a horror movie.
but we survived.
yeah, that was a really great story. i'm sure that you are glad that you waited for that.

oh here's another great story, it's called kelsey and Jason try to make cinnamon buns.
so JASON was in charge of the bread like thing for the buns. and it was taking really quite long to rise...
when trying to roll them there was massive sticking to the counter. so there was lots and lots of flour used.
and then the butter was rather difficult to spread. so yeah, there is lots of that too. at anyrate, this is what the buns looked like before putting them in the oven. i was rather hopeful about what they were going to look like in the end. i envisioned big fluffy yum yum buns.

this is what they end up like. they smelt really good. and they were pretty tasty right out of the oven. but then they got all hard and stuff. instead of buns i call them pucks. but they do make an alright chaser to a shot of tequila.

so there has been some kitchen adventures in the life of kelsey. and increasing my "pink stuff" consumption (that's rose wine to you!) that's been fun. and knitting adventures and getting really excited with the ladies at the knitting store about a pair of socks. and planning my christmas knitting. i figure if i start knitting now then someone might actually get a christmas present.

and i write this from montreal. i have left the land of spring to the land of winter. and i had a very wonderful surprise yesterday when i ran into no-other than laura perry on the street corner on my way to cindy's for some stitching and bitching. YEAH!

and tonight there will be poutine. yum yum yum